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Benefits of having a corporate town hall live streaming event for your employees

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Why your business benefits from a live streaming event

A corporate town hall meeting is a meeting organized by a company for its employees to discuss important issues affecting the company. In the past, these meetings were held in person, but with advances in technology, more and more companies are now opting to hold these meetings virtually through live streaming or a hybrid with in-person and online attendees. Here are some reasons why having a corporate town hall live streaming event can be beneficial for your company:

Brings employees together:

A corporate town hall live streaming event creates an opportunity for employees to come together and learn about the different initiatives of the company. This is an excellent way to bring employees up-to-date on what’s happening in the company and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Connects employees with executives:

A live streaming event gives your associates a chance to meet key executives and make a personal connection. This can be beneficial for both the employees and executives as it allows them to build a relationship and better understand each other’s perspectives.

Allows for Q&A sessions:

A corporate town hall live streaming event gives employees a chance to ask questions of the executive staff. This can be beneficial as it allows employees to voice their concerns and get answers directly from the people in charge.

Boosts employee morale:

A corporate town hall live streaming event breaks up the mundane workday and gives everyone a chance to join in camaraderie with each other. This can help to boost employee morale and create a sense of unity among the team.

Includes remote employees:

Live streaming the event allows remote employees to feel included in the business. This can be especially beneficial for companies with multiple locations or a remote workforce.

Provides a personal touch

Never underestimate the personal connection a live streaming event can offer. It can make employees feel valued and connected to the company, which can improve their job satisfaction and loyalty.

“We used Lighthouse Media Services for our live event production in Washington DC this past October. We had the pleasure of partnering with Kevin on our Manager’s Meeting with 85 attendees. Kevin handled all of our A/V needs and went above and beyond to ensure our meeting ran smoothly and was a success!” Valerie L. Jonathan Rose Companies

In conclusion, a corporate town hall live streaming event can have numerous benefits for your company, including bringing employees together, connecting employees with executives, allowing for Q&A sessions, boosting employee morale, including remote employees, and providing a personal touch. Consider adding a live streaming event to your company’s communication strategy and watch as employee engagement and satisfaction improve. Contact LighthouseMedia Services to review your event needs and give you a no-cost estimate for integrating live streaming into your next event.


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