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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to engage your audience and make your live event memorable. One way to do this is by incorporating entertainment into your event program.

At our events, we’ve found that bands, dueling pianos, and magicians are just a few examples of acts that can add a special element of entertainment to the proceedings. If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas, we highly recommend working with experienced event planners like, who can help you choose from a wide range of acts that are sure to impress your audience.

One of the great things about incorporating entertainment into your event is that it can be enjoyed by both in-person and virtual attendees. Live streaming is a fantastic way to share the excitement of a live performance with a remote audience, while also keeping everyone engaged and involved.

Another option is to use entertainment during brief intermissions between program sessions. This not only adds a fun element to your event but also gives attendees the opportunity to relax and recharge before returning to the main event.

Whether you choose a live band, a comedian, or any other type of performer, incorporating entertainment into your event is a fantastic way to make your event memorable and create an atmosphere that’s both engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Alex Tatem I came across Kevin and Lighthouse Media and they saved the day. I’ve done 250+ livestream events this year and working Kevin to put on our shows in Cleveland was seamless. Out of all our events this year these had to be my favorite.

In conclusion, adding entertainment to your live event can make a big impact on your attendees and create an unforgettable experience. From live performances to remote streaming, there are a variety of ways to incorporate entertainment into your event program. So why not explore your options and create an event that your attendees will be talking about long after it’s over?We have a vast list of entertainment options for your next event, Let Lighthouse Media Services show you how to make your next event unforgettable by clicking here.


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