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PTZ cameras are a game changer

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When it comes to live events, choosing the right camera can make all the difference. While traditional cameras have long been the go-to choice for many events, PTZ cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years. PTZ cameras can offer a number of advantages for live events, particularly those that do not require a lot of camera movement.

One key advantage of PTZ cameras is their cost effectiveness. With a single operator able to control multiple cameras, the need for a camera operator at each camera is eliminated, making for a more streamlined and efficient production. Additionally, PTZ cameras can be connected using a single network cable, allowing for a faster setup and a cleaner look.

Another advantage of PTZ cameras is their versatility. With the PTZ operator also able to serve as the director, the need for a separate crew position for camera operators and directors can be eliminated, further reducing costs. And because PTZ cameras are smaller and less obtrusive than traditional cameras, they can be easily integrated into a variety of settings without distracting from the event itself. Here at Lighthouse Media Services we use NDI (Network Digital Interface) technology to connect, control and transmit video from our PTZ cameras and we would be happy to set up a demonstration for your next event

While PTZ cameras may not be the best choice for events with a lot of action or movement, they are well-suited for smaller meetings such as those held in a boardroom. However, it is important to note that PTZ cameras may not be as smooth when following motion on stage, and a manned camera may be necessary if the person on stage is walking back and forth or if a fast audience shot is required.

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Finally, PTZ cameras offer the added benefit of being able to remember certain shots, making them faster to recall for the camera operator. This can be particularly useful for events with multiple presenters or for events that require frequent camera angle changes.

In conclusion, while traditional cameras have long been the norm for live events, PTZ cameras offer a number of advantages that make them a compelling choice for events that do not require a lot of camera movement. From cost effectiveness to versatility, PTZ cameras are a valuable tool for any event production team to consider.


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