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Working with A/V at an Event Venue

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When it comes to AV services for your event, it’s important to keep your options open and not feel pressured to use the venue’s preferred vendor. While the venue may receive a kickback from their in-house AV provider, this may not always be the best option for you.

Independent AV companies like lighthousemediaservices offer highly skilled professionals who can work with you directly, providing valuable insights and guidance as you navigate the production process. They can help you plan your equipment needs and ensure that your AV services are tailored to your event’s unique requirements.

It’s worth noting that in-house AV vendors may be set up to meet the specific needs of the venue, which may not necessarily align with your event’s needs. Additionally, when considering an outside vendor, be sure to carefully review any hidden fees, including dock fees, internet fees, and personnel fees. These costs can add up quickly and impact your event’s budget.

It’s important to remember that you are in control and that everything is negotiable. While the venue may try to include certain fees on your invoice for using an outside AV vendor, you have the power to negotiate these charges and ensure that you are only paying for the services you actually require.

Ultimately, the venue makes the majority of its revenue from renting you the space, catering, and hotel rooms, not from AV services. Therefore, starting from a position of negotiation can give you more flexibility in the long run and keep you in control of your event.

Mike Comstock “I have worked with Kevin and Lighthouse to help out with shoots and events. He has been reliable and a great resource when we needed help. He is always courteous and works hard to deliver an outstanding product.”

In conclusion, keeping your AV options open when working with a venue is essential to ensuring that you have the best possible AV services for your event. Independent AV companies like lighthousemediaservices can provide you with professional guidance and tailored services that meet your unique needs. By carefully reviewing any hidden fees and negotiating with the venue, you can stay within your budget while still providing your attendees with a high-quality, memorable experience.


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